Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Return

by Phoebe Maurer

The Return

By Phoebe Maurer

Phoebe has overcome the setbacks and she is now here to share with the world her unfinished dreams, her tapestry of almost 90 years, living a colorful, daunting and romantic life. 

 Herb and I just celebrated our 60th anniversary, recalling the many highlights, good, bad and beautiful. I am now facing the reality of growing older by the minute with each days visit to the medical facility that prods us on with copula, tablets, syrups and enlightening counseling. As four score and ten approaches, my mind is churning out new ideas and projects to start, so I am hanging – not up. 

My pen pal, Lois, is tired of writing solo, so the copilot is charging up the jets motor of her imagination. My hands are fine – no arthritis, which I cannot say, for my many rusting joints that creak with age.

 If I had a choice, would I want to turn the clock back 20, 30 or40 years, with a guarantee that I wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes or experience the traumas? No! Emphatically no! I am now the woman I respect. My thoughts can be spoken with ease, but also with care.

 I was once told I had a mind like a steel trap. It rocked me back on my heels, but didn’t change my thinking overnight. My business experiences necessitated clout, especially from a woman. Would the same be said to a fellow male?

Welcome back Phoebe. We have missed your words of wisdom and your humor.

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