Meet Lois and Phoebe

Lois writes - I first met Phoebe twelve years ago while attending a writer’s workshop offered by novelist and poet, Marilyn McGrath. We immediately connected. Despite our differences in background, religion and political views we have become close friends. Phoebe is a lifelong Jewish Democrat who has had her left knee replaced, while I am a Christian Republican who has had her right knee replaced. When I joined Phoebe in being an Octogenarian we decided to co-author a book about aging. As we work on our book we would like to invite you to join us in our blog, “Ageless at 80.”

Remember as a child, when someone asked your age you were quick to say, “I’m five and a half years old.” Then when you were a “fifty something” you fudged a bit and perhaps took a few years off. Funny thing, when you are in your eighties, you revert back to your five year old self and say, “I’m eighty one and a half,” or “I’m almost 89,” with a certain amount of pride. I think we make a great pair…Phoebe, full of Jewish wisdom. And me, full of Irish humor.
Phoebe writes - I grew up in a middle class Jewish home where I learned by example the importance of a loving family, friends and the desire to help others as a way of life. We survived the Great Depression without feeling deprived. We had a radio and a victrola with a handle to crank. They filled our home with music, opera and liturgical music. We had my father’s clear baritone and the sweet voice of my mother, and eventually a chorus from my older brother, sister and me. Music has always been a large part of my life. I sang on amateur hours held in movie theaters, at wedding ceremonies for modest fees and wherever I found an audience. I had a love of art. I attended the WPA Art School. I also attended Leyton Art School in Wisconsin and Art in America School in New York. I finally found the correct path between art and writing.

Eighty-eight is only a chronological number, for the spirit within remains ageless. So, two octogenarians decided to prove it to the world. Come along for the bumpy ride. -