Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hurdles - The Perils and Joys of Aging

by Phoebe Maurer

Aging is multifaceted. Sometimes we needlessly worry.

Just last week I was scheduled for a CT scan with iodine that should take 2 ½ hours.
My anxiety had increased when I arrived for the test. I was full of questions. Will it really take that long and what about the iodine? To my surprise I was told, “It will only take 5 minutes and you do not need the iodine. Next I was scheduled to have a pulmonary procedure which turned out to be equally as simple. What a waste of time worrying. That is the peril of aging.

However, there are parallels that come with aging bodies. How do we maintain our balance and standing to decide the final chapters of our life.  At eighty nine I realize how much I have not learned. I still have to accomplish the unfinished projects and dreams. I have manifold blessings, my fellow of almost sixty eight years, my caring children with their own devoted marriages, grandchildren carrying on the traditions of love, and four great grandchildren. These are the joys of aging.

Catastrophes happen, whether we are able to cope with them or not. So we try to believe our acquired wisdom and maturity and faith in God will catapult us over traumatic hurdles to continue living each day. That is the hope and serenity of aging.  

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