Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Thinking Out Loud - Mother Magic

Guest Post by Loys Bolduc

With the beginning of the new school year this month, my thoughts drift back to the days when my children entered school and how I learned I had “Mother Magic”.

“Mother Magic” is one of the mysteries of motherhood. You know you have it when your first-born enters kindergarten and one evening at the dinner table announces, “Mom, Sister Pauline, (his teacher) wants you to bake cupcakes for our class and the afternoon class too.”

My response, “Oh, when does she need the cupcakes and how many would that be?” Response, “They are for tomorrow and I think thirty six.”

If your don’t faint on the spot, you will bake and frost thirty six cupcakes after you have finished dinner, cleared up the after dinner mess, bathed and put four children, under the age of five, to bed, and be ready to deliver the cupcakes to the morning kindergarten along with the child.

Through the years I became very accustomed to performing “Mother Magic” as my kids were great at offering my services. I was often called upon, at the last moment, to make costumes for a play, create Halloween costumes or drive a group of kids to the zoo or anyone of dozens of field trip locations.

Pity the mother who does not have “Mother Magic”, or maybe she is lucky. She just goes to the store and buys whatever and delivers it – along with the kid.

Happy school year to all mothers and kids.

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