Thursday, June 9, 2011


by Phoebe R. Maurer
              We are all in this together -by ourselves- we share common thoughts and experiences. However, deep within us is a secret chamber with a window closed to the world.  A window has so many uses—it opens a home-or a room to views we never imagined.  The window can have blinds like the mind which sometimes wears blinders to obscure truths we should be able to see and perceive. When the window is clear it opens us to visions we wish we had been able to understand when life called for deeper understanding. The ocean leads us out to horizons that are mysterious in its infinity, sea meeting sky, fading blue into blue. The seas roll on and on rarely losing the momentum, carrying our visions back and forth, enlarging the meaning and depth of perception of who we are. 
The window into our soul is more revealing, and still, our souls appreciate humor as well as beauty.  So always, there is the separation between who we are and who  others perceive us to be. Someone different. For all our relationships are individualized according to the personality we are reacting to. We are  never the same nor are we one person-one personality-we expand and grow we regress. The depth of life is never even. There are trails that are obvious and sections that are obscure. Our visions can be blurred or crystalline clear. 
This is truly the common denominator the human race has.
Feelings-Vision-Windows to see through.

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