Saturday, June 18, 2011


By Lois Jamieson
I wrote this poem a number of years ago after a family visit at a cottage on Istopoga Lake in central Florida. I had the good fortune to experience all that I describe in the poem.
                                 The Lake Comes Alive
The lake comes alive
when White Egrets fly
and Ospry dive
seeking a fish.
And double Hibiscus
all pink, red and white,
peak out from
Fan Palms
to see a
tall Sandhill Crane
strut by on his
black stocking legs.
An aristocrat
out for a stroll.
Turkey Buzzards,
on perches above
matted moss,
stonily stare
down below.
where an
armed Armadillo
burrows his nose
in the ground.
And there on the grass,
a stately Blue Heron,
raises his head to the sound
of a wild turkey bark.
And from over the lake
hears a dog
barking back.
The lake comes alive.


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