Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm Beginning to Like Facebook!

by Lois Jamieson 

A year ago I wrote a post called “Do I Really Need to Know”. In it I asked myself this question. Do I really need to know about Facebook, Twitter, I-Pods, I-Phones, I-Pads and all the rest? And then I wrote about my struggles to master Facebook. The biggest problem I had was remembering my password. Well, in the next few months, I began writing all my passwords in a little blue notebook. That helped a lot, because I have a lot of passwords.

 I have an e-mail password, a computer password, a Facebook password, a cell phone password, an Amazon password, a Shutterfly password, a Web e-mail password, a password for my blog Kids Without Stuff, and a password for this blog – Ageless at 80. Now you know why I can’t remember a password and need my little blue notebook. I try to make them all the same, but it doesn’t always work that way, some have to be shorter and some longer. I’m beginning to think my partner, Phoebe, has the right idea. I think she has only three passwords, if that many.

 But, back to Facebook.  As I have mentioned to you before, I have volunteered at a school for disadvantaged kids, for the past seven years. Once the students graduate from high school, I lose track of them. BUT….I discovered I can keep in touch with them on Facebook and now I regularly ‘chat’ with several of them on the internet. As a matter of fact, just this week I celebrated my eighty third birthday, and I received three best wishes from the graduates, plus eleven from friends, and even received a beautiful card from one – all on Facebook.

I’ll admit, I still love going to the mail box and finding birthday cards, and I did receive many that way.

I also find that I can keep in better touch with my grandchildren via the internet. 

So, you might say I’m beginning to like Facebook!

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