Sunday, March 18, 2012


by Lois Jamieson

Now that I think of it, the phrase “under the weather” sounds rather odd. I guess it’s an old
expression from my youth, or maybe, I just made it up.

At any rate, that is exactly how I would describe both Phoebe and me this past week or so. Phoebe has had some serious eye problems and I just went through a cardiac ablation to regulate my irregular heartbeat, followed by a serious sinus infection. But so it goes, and we are both recovering nicely. You can’t keep us down, we have too much to do.

The heart procedure was quite interesting, although I probably wouldn’t care to do it again soon.
My doctor is a cardiologist who is also an electro physiologist. During the procedure small wires called electrodes are inserted into a specific area, or areas, of the heart. Energy through the catheter disconnects the sources of the abnormal heart rhythm. It took about 4 hours for my procedure and I was awake, but not feeling anything – I was in Happy Land. My real worry was that my white hair would stand out in spikes with all that electricity.

I can’t tell you much about Phoebe’s treatment, that is her story, but I shudder to think of having a needle poked into my eyeball. I’ll take the ablation!



Take time to work – it is the price of success
Take time to think – it is the source of power
Take time to play – it is the secret of perpetual youth
Take time to read – it is the fountain of wisdom
Take time to be friendly – it is the road to happiness
Take time to dream – it is hitching your wagon to a star
Take time to love and be loved – it is the privilege of the gods
Take time to laugh – it is the music of the soul
- Irish Digest

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