Friday, March 30, 2012

More Thinking Out Loud

By Loys Gilley Bolduc

Last week my friend, Lois Jamieson called to see how I was doing. In the course of the conversation she reminded me I had not contributed to her blog, Ageless at 80, in a while. She jolted my memory.

I’ve been busy celebrating my 88th birthday. I call it my unique birthday. Why? Look at the number 88. It is the same right side up or upside down, right to left and left to right.

I had a great birthday and I’m ready to stop celebrating and get on with other important tasks. How about if I start with writing something for Lois’ blog?


My Imaginary Friend

Sometime toward the end of my third year, my imaginary friend, Morney Slicer came into my life. I suppose it was strange, considering I had six siblings, that I would need an imaginary friend.

The siblings were all older and away at school for most of the day. Though I lived in my mother’s shadow, I needed someone my age and size to share my toys and games. Morney was perfect. He had red hair, blue eyes and a sprinkling of freckles across his nose. He wore bib overalls of light blue denim, a checkered shirt and sneakers just like mine. I would set his place at my little red table and we conversed as we ate our lunch or had “afternoon tea”. Mamma didn’t seem to think it strange that Morney showed up at lunchtime. She cut my sandwich into little squares so I could share with Morney, knowing, of course, I would end up eating the whole thing.

Morney was my soul mate with whom I shared my deepest thoughts. I called on him in times of sadness and suffering as well as with my great joys and laughter. He never failed me and stood by me through thick and thin.

After I started school and developed new “real person” friends I didn’t need him every day but I knew he was there if I did need him. I still think of him occasionally and feel a gladness in my heart to have had such a wonderful, loving friend. He taught me the importance of friends.

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