Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Blessings

by Lois Jamieson

There are times, especially at Christmas, when I yearn for the days when our three grandchildren were youngsters.Such fun,with Grandpa playing Santa Claus in his red suit and me out shopping for toy trucks, building blocks, and dolls.
But then when I’m with our three grown up grandchildren, I find such pleasure just listening to them talk about their separate lives. This year was no exception. All three were home for Christmas.

The first grandchild, a twenty-eight year rock climber and radiology technician living in Flagstaff, Arizona, was with us as we gathered at our daughter’s home. His gift to us was a c.d. of his many pictures of his outdoor activities. His card was the best. Upon opening it, wonderful dance music sounded out, and the card read, “Dance on Grandma and Grandpa”.

Our second grandson, a twenty six year old manager of a high end restaurant in La Jolla, California, flew in for just Christmas day and back to California the next day. In a treasured moment with him, he told me – “Grandma, I want you to know I’ll always be there for you”. How nice is that to hear.

Our granddaughter, a college freshman living at Arizona State University, was also with us. At one point in the festivities she asked me if she could come visit me one day the next week. She wanted to spend the day with me looking at old family photographs. We did just that yesterday, with a manicure and lunch thrown in and we spent four hours sitting at the dining room table looking through scads of photos and eating too many chocolates. She went home loaded down with pictures.

So, it was a special Christmas with our three "grown up grandchildren".

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