Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ageless Spirit

By Phoebe Maurer

I find aging to be a conundrum. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would sell our home to move into a senior residence, now known as independent living. The truth is, we are now dependent on children for advice, legal, financial and bookkeeping. We did it willingly for our parents until they were 92, 94 and 97.
Time cannot be seen, or smelled, or felt, it passes without sound or motion. Years unfold, experiences multiply, until we are suddenly 89 and 90, married 67 years when realization sets in. Our bodies have betrayed us! They sag, develop uninvited mild dementia, loss of hearing, arthritis, back pain and feet that need orthotics and special shoes.

However, it isn’t all misery, since we have ageless spirits. We are now living in a different world. One that offers many opportunities for growth. We are challenged by new friends, men and women in similar situations and fascinating backgrounds.
It is, and will continue to be, a life worth living as long as our ageless spirits determine each day. A story of laughs, tears, remorse, and joy, that comes from knowing our children and grandchildren are prolonging our tradition. We have survived illness, financial difficulties and every known problem that challenged our beliefs. Our values will prevail.

I will not sell my car, it is my last vestage of independence. I relax when I’m in the driver’s seat. It is my time to take control.

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