Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Interesting Facts About Arizona

by Lois Jamieson

In my last post I wrote about my love affair with my home state – Arizona. I have, since then, come across some interesting and humorous facts to share with you.

During the Second World War there were a group of U.S. Marines who created the first unbreakable code that baffled the Japanese. There were 29 Navajo Code Talkers. Only one remains alive today, Ninety year old Chester Nez. Ever the patriot, Chester Nez went on to serve in the Marine Reserve and fought in the Korean War in the l950s.

Arizona is home to twenty one American Indian tribes, each has its own history, language and ceremonies.

There are a lot of interesting and quite humorous names in Arizona. Some of these are towns and some are places of interest. There are 95 names with the word “bear” in their names, at least 100 with the word “black”. Here are some interesting names you will find somewhere in the state of Arizona:
Bagdad, Buenos Aires, Winsor Castle, Ajo, Sasabe, Devils Hump, Devils Corkscrew, Devils Bridge, Spud Mountain, Dewey, Potato Patch, Young, Wotans Throne, Freya Castle, Cape Royal, Siegfried Pyre, Cape Final, Antares, Aquarius Moutains, Constellation, Catholic Peak, Holy Jo Peak, Winkelman, John the Baptist Mountains. Hell Canyon, Hades Knoll, Hookers Hot Springs, Tortilla Flat, Holy Grail Temple.

I can’t say I have visited all of these places, but I have been in some of them. Maybe the rest should be on my “bucket list”.

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