Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weird Stuff in The News

by Lois Jamieson


A smuggler failed to contain the dozens of King Cobras and other snakes he was transporting from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. After panic broke out on the train, the police were called, the snakes were collected, and the smuggler got away. It was suspected that he was going to sell the snakes illegally to a restaurant where a meal of King Cobra can cost the equivalent of $500.

Columbus, Ohio

An elegant, expansive, gleaming new glass and concrete indoor stairway in the Common Pleas Courthouse received rave reviews. That is, until women in dresses discovered the glass partitions at each step made it easy for perverts to gawk from underneath the stairs. I guess now they are using the elevators.

Watch for more weird stories in the news.

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