Saturday, May 14, 2011


By Phoebe Maurer

The desert was endless, never bare.
Vegetation, drab in winter,
sprouted blankets of wild color
as heat warmed their roots.
Ugliness grew beautiful.

Lifeless? Snakes slithered
over the dusty earth.
Gophers peered out of their
holes, twitched their noses
and returned to the underground
world. The avian population
twittered and chirped in a language
I needed to understand.

It wasn’t a flat desert.
Forms and monoliths
loomed up creating a
mountainous range of

The symmetry of four peaks
were shaped by nature’s
scalpel when ice melted
and raging waters carved
and gouged a future world
of awesome beauty
that was protected
and cherished.

Dawn banished the darkness of night,
casting a glow upon my chosen
homeland. The sun altered
mountain ranges hourly as it journeyed
towards a picturesque sunset.

Nature’s glory gradually faded
when civilization moved in.
Small pockmarks became massive
rashes, disfiguring the natural
arid beauty, spreading towards the
Mountains with unsightly developments.
Endless rooftops are now
the vision of infinity. 

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